• Fishing
  • Big Game Fishing
  • Big Game Fishing gives you the opportunity to capture the larger species of fish that patrol the deeper waters close to the outer reef. This fishing expedition usually occurs during the early morning hours. The most exciting catches include blue marlin, wahoo, large jacks and sail fish.
    Along with the unique fishing experience, guests also enjoy the unique golden sunrise, and a chance to experience the beauty of the islands from outside the atoll as they are bathed in the golden light of the early morning sun.
  • Sunset Fishing
  • One of the most popular excursions on offer, sunset fishing gives you an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular sunset while fishing for the abundant grouper, snapper, squirrelfish, skipjack and barracuda in the area. Bait fish, weight, lines and hooks are all provided, along with a friendly boat crew.
  • On request, your catch can be served at dinner on the following day.
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